On behalf of members of Associated Christian Schools, we congratulate the Coalition on being elected to govern Australia, on Saturday 7th September 2013, thus reflecting the best traditions of parliamentary democracy. We wish you the very best in your leadership of Australia in the years ahead.

 Independent Christian schools are important partners in the education of Australian students, because of the ethics and values upon which their programs are based. Associated Christian Schools (ACS) acknowledges and appreciates the support provided by the Australian Federal Government to its 29 member schools.

 Education is a key to securing Australia‚Äôs future in the global market and in shaping the future of our nation. The development of character traits and human virtues such as compassion, courage, self-control, integrity and justice are often not only sidelined by a focus on utilitarian employment and economic thinking, but often actively discouraged. If anything can be learned from the recent global financial crisis, surely the need to place human interests before profits and to place general welfare above personal gain has become painfully apparent.

 We look forward to working with you and your ministers to ensure we deliver the very best outcomes for students in faith-based schools.


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