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This present age of what Carl Trueman (2021) calls ‘expressive individualism’, marked by a new morality, an emphasis on the unchallengeable sovereignty of individual rights, where a new ‘Western Fundamentalism’ (Menzies, 2019) gives primacy to the ongoing sexual (and gender) revolution, and the liberation thereby of humanity. Nonetheless, there is an international epidemic amongst youth across the Western World of mental health disorders, and a visible loss of hope as society moves away from metanarratives, a credible telos or any redemptive story.
Adolescents are increasingly trapped in an on-line, social media world which is often toxic, and in which a trillion-dollar international porn industry targets them, distorting reality, and impeding relationships. What does the literature, particularly Christian analyses, say about this? How can we understand at a deep level what is happening to our young? What can we offer in schools to help stem the tide?