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The 2013 Study Tour to the US, hosted by Associated Christian Schools, was held during April. 


A Report of the tour is attached for information purposes.

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Download this file (2013 US Study Tour - LD Report_21052013.pdf)2013 US Study Tour - LD Report_21052013.pdf 1534 Kb

This research has been conducted as part of the Department of Education and Early Childhood
Development (DEECD) Victoria, Research and Evaluation Partnerships, and aims to investigate the
influences of teaching practice on student achievement. The research follows on from work on the
Literacy Assessment Project, conducted for the Catholic Education Office, Archdioceses of
Melbourne (CEOM), and Assessment and Learning Partnerships (ALP), a collaborative, large-scale
Australian Research Council Linkage project between the University of Melbourne, the DEECD
Victoria and CEOM.

Recommendations focus on:

  • Avenues for promoting the results of the project.
  • The merit pay debate and the necessity for discussions of both the upper and lower quartiles of student improvement in this context.
  • Media strategy and campaigning to broaden public perceptions of equality of opportunity and closing the opportunity gap, in order to spotlight the challenge of developing our higherorder skills students.
  • The clear need for a re-think of professional development for teachers and the development of programs to address the lack of growth in upper quartile students.

The initial report is attached.



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Download this file (DEECD_REP_Report_final.pdf)DEECD_REP_Report_final.pdf 1079 Kb


The Federal govt has introduced the much awaited Australian Education Bill 2012.

The bill is attached for reference.

The Media Release by Minister Garrett can be accessed here:

The Fact Sheet regarding The National Plan for School Improvement can be accessed here:

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Download this file (Australian_Education_Bill_2012.pdf)Australian_Education_Bill_2012.pdf 532 Kb

 Change initiatives are notoriously messy, and their reliance on soft skills makes most managers uneasy. But there is a framework that can help you avoid the most common mistakes that befall change efforts.

Thus article can be accessed here:

"Religious Pluralism: do all religions lead to the same goal"?

Professor John Lennox (RZIM Zacharias Trust) discusses the competing ideas and beliefs in our global society, regarding religious pluralism, peace and tolerance.

Religious Pluralism: do all religions lead to the same goal? 




Prophet, Priest, Martyr… God? Dr Erin Wilson, examines US politics, and the link to the latest blockbuster movie about President Lincoln. A special aura surrounds President Lincoln in the US popular imagination. He is also a key figure that helps make sense of American “civil religion”, that is, a religion of the state, separate and distinct from traditional religions such as Judaism and Christianity, but nonetheless relying heavily on these traditions for images, narratives, rituals and rhetoric. 

 (Dr Wilson is the Director of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain at the University of Gronningen in The Netherlands).

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