ACS Data Driven Research Study

The Contribution of Christian Schooling in Queensland

Exploring the social benefit Christian schools provide to the Queensland community.

The Contribution of Christian Schooling


Australian society celebrates the diverse range of cultures, ethnicities and worldviews of its people. It is this diversity that gives Australia its multicultural identity, celebrating the various cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds that make Australia the nation it is today. Within this diversity, there is a need to accurately educate, providing spaces where people of all ages can learn about the lens in which others in their community view the world. While being a multi-faith society, Christianity remains the largest religious affiliation in Australia with 43.9% of the population identifying as Christian. Schools are uniquely placed to help young people develop a strong sense of self while discovering how to build relationships with others who may see the world with a different perspective than their own. In fact, seven in ten Australians (72%) agree that it is beneficial to society to have various education options available including government, selective and faith-based schools.

Christian schools are widely recognised for being places where students holistic development is a priority, educating both young peoples mind and hearts. Positively, more than half of Australians (54%) believe this approach to education, educating both the mind and hearts of young people, is a benefit to society as a whole.

Christian education today provides choice for many families who are perhaps seeking a more values driven approach to their child’s education. One where academic excellence is pursued at the same pace as developing young people into global minded and contributing citizens of society.


The following is infographic is a selection of data from The Contribution of Christian Schooling in Queensland research.

The Contribution of Christian Schooling in Queensland

36 Millennial Alumni of Christian Schooling

These are alumni of Christian schooling now utilising their learning especially post-school-learning, for the common good. The value of a school’s legacy cannot be underestimated. Legacies have to be stated in human terms, not in terms of school buildings or grounds.

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