Strategic plan

The Three Pillars of ACS.

Our strategic plan is based firmly on three pillars: Pillar One: We are a Friendship of Christian believers engaged in education. Pillar Two: We offer an influential voice in education. Pillar Three: We seek the growth of Christian educational communities for the common good.

Strategic Plan of ACS
Pillar One

A Friendship of Christian Believers Engaged in Education.

We seek collegiality and collaboration with other sectors of Christian and Independent schooling for the common good, while actively promoting Christian education as exemplary education.

Pillar Two

An Influential Voice in Education.

We provide effective advocacy at the intersection between politics and education. Ever respectful of other voices, we work to advance the Christian worldview within the education sector.

Pillar Three

Growth of Christian Educational Communities.

We promote and assist in the growth and advancement of Christian educational communities in the interests of the common good of society as a whole.

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