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Dr Lynne Doneley Retirement Announcement
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Dr Lynne Doneley Retirement Announcement

July 15, 2022

Dear ACS family

Today I share some significant news from Lynne, our extraordinary and long serving EDPRO.

Lynne has announced that she will be retiring from her position as ACS Executive Director. This means that ACS will be looking to appoint our next Executive Director to begin in January 2023.

Lynne has ensured that as an organisation, we have had plenty of time to appoint a new leader. The Advertisement and Position Brochure for the new ACS Executive Director are attached.

In Lynne’s retirement letter she generously shared the following words.

“It has been my absolute privilege to serve ACS since its inception, and I am grateful for the support of those who have served as Directors during my tenure. I am especially grateful to you and Ron for your friendship and wisdom in guiding me in my role. It would be my pleasure to support ACS in a voluntary capacity if any opportunity arises in the future.

Thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to serve Christian education as EDPRO for ACS. My prayer is that the organisation will continue to advance Christian education and human flourishing for the common good.”

I take this moment to speak on behalf of us all, to recognise the pre-eminent position that Lynne has established for ACS, both across the country and with our International Networks. As the founding and

pioneering ACS Executive Director, we now all benefit from her leadership through so many initiatives which she has crafted, implemented and led – study tours, leadership summits, the Leadership Institute and all of its many events, support for NSSAB accreditation, Board training, government representation, constant collegial networking across all educational and Christian schooling sectors, and the list goes on.

Most of all, like for myself and Northside, we have all been immensely blessed by her friendship, personal and professional support, and her love and care.

Lynne will not be a stranger to us as she will join us in 2023 on our NZ Study Tour and at the Leadership Summit. I am also pleased to announce that Lynne will continue her links with ACS in an emeritus role, as an ACS Ambassador.

The timing of our upcoming Leadership Summit will be an ideal time for us all to recognise Lynne, but before then I invite you to individually connect with Lynne to pass on your personal thanks and congratulations.

With love and prayers for our loved Lynne,

Mr Leighton Kuss
ACS Chair


Lynne Doneley Resignation Announcement (Click to Read)

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