A lesson for Christian schools from the United Kingdom

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A lesson for Christian schools from the United Kingdom

An Occasional Paper for Principals, School Leaders and Governing Bodies

October 2022

The catchy title of a recent Sydney Morning Herald article[1], Britain’s ‘strictest headmistress on what schools should do differently reveals something deeper, providing valuable insight for Christian schools.

Associated Christian Schools has sought to promote the notion of Christian schooling as exemplary schooling.

But exemplars of what?

The SMH article certainly focuses on the ‘military-style discipline’ which presumably led to the catchy title, but does provide further insight:
Traditional teaching is espoused

  • Times tables are taught by rote
  • Progressive education methods are shunned
  • Gratitude is expressed
  • Expectations are high.

In other words, this teacher has implemented what she believes in.  No woke agenda here.

The insight we might gain is to become more certain about what we do and do not do, and why we do it.  Schools need to be captivated by, not captive to, their own methodologies.

For too long, educrats from among the collective woke urban elite have sought to influence schools and their teachers on what a progressive education must look like, and have frequently used sarcasm, even ridicule, to belittle traditional methodologies.

A decline in literacy, numeracy and student behaviour are among the outcomes.

In the soon-to-be-released paper What leading thoughts might ACS school leaders ponder for 2023 we suggest attention to focus, wellbeing, academics, pathways and values.

ACS encourages each of its member schools to become exemplary at what they do, and not be overtaken by the woke modern agenda.


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